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Volume Issue Date Included in Issue
Special Edition 2 Oct 2015 This Special Edition includes: Thought from Thomas S Monson, Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Update on how the MFSL (Mesa FamilySearch Library) continues to provide help and the MFSL annual Family History Conference. October is Family History Month, Information for Youth, Reports on Family History involving the youth and interesting stories.
Special Edition 1 May 2015 This is the Area Newsletter written by Charlie Shults.  In this newsletter he provides links to many Family History Tips, How to Preserve Your Family Memories, Family Home Evening materials, the Important Work of Indexing, Information for Youth and Family History, hosting a RootsTech Family History day, On-Line Books, Video Archives, Ancestry.com, Changes to FamilySearch, the Ap Gallery, New Family History Consultant resources and much, much more.
5 2 Feb 2015 This months topic focuses on Family History - It's About Love
5 1 Jan 2015 This months topic focuses on the Library Modifications and the change in opening date.  Also the 12th Annual Genealogy Workshop in Casa Grande on Jan 24, 2015
Newsletters 2014
4 12 Dec 2014 This month's topic focuses on Family Traditions and their preservation for future generations. Also learn how to add a story or stories to to your family tree.
4 11 Nov 2014 This month's topic focuses on researching military records as part of your family history work. Books and websites containing military records are suggested. Also learn about the FamilySearch Descendancy View and TreeConnect. News about the Library's upcoming renovation is also included.
4 10 Oct 2014 This edition details information about the Library's Family History Conference scheduled for October 25, 2014.  For those of you who are registered to attend, we'll see you on October 25th.  For those of you unable to attend, as well as for those of you registered, the Newsletter includes information on how you can go to our website mesafsl.org to obtain course handouts.
4 9 Sep 2014 This edition focuses on the many resources available to learn how to do family history work--online, at the Library and many, many more.  And don't forget about our Conference where you can learn even more about doing family history.  It will be held on Saturday, October 25th, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:20 p.m., at the Tempe Institute of Religion on the ASU campus. 
4 8 Aug 2014 This edition is all about life stories and about encouraging you to write your story.  We are excited to introduce our Life Story Room which will make it even easier for you and your family to record memories and life events
4 7 July 2014 This month's topic is all about life stories and about encouraging you to write your story.  We are excited to introduce our Life Story Room which will make it even easier for you and your family to record memories and life events.
4 6 June 2014 This month's topic is about 'Introducing Youth to Family History" and our newsletter is full of ideas about how involving youth in family history can be both productive as well as fun. Maybe you can incorporate some of these ideas into your summer plans.
4 5 May 2014 This month's topic: Obituaries. Isn’t it ironic that perhaps the very last thing written about you might be the most valuable? From a genealogist’s perspective, this might be true if it’s a well written obituary! If you are researching your family history, these treasure troves of information often contain facts and family relationships of which you might not be aware.
4 4 Apr 2014 This month's topic: Maps. Maps today are amazing and extremely useful in family history research! We list some map tips, websites, resources available at our library and our website. On our FamilySearch.org page, learn about the "Photo Duplication Service". We also list our recent webcasts, upcoming webinars and classes offered (always free)!
4 3 Mar 2014 This month's topic is about 'Naturalization Records', a  continuation from February's 'Immigration' topic, with many helps from the internet, our library and website.  Our 'Tech Tip' explains "Snap" (split screen technique) and we also explain 'Puzzilla.org', a program shown on the homepage of FamilySearch.org.   "Puzzilla" is a great tool showing 'cousin lines', and offering new opportunities for research. 
4 2 Feb 2014 This month: Immigration and Emigration. Learn what records are available during specific time periods and where passenger lists can be found. Many volumes of books are available at our library on this topic. Updates on the FamilySearch website and of course FREE presentations and the class schedule are attached.
4 1 Jan 2014 Our topic this month: Researching Land Records.  Also included: updated instructions on adding stories with photos to Family Tree, a timely tech tip about flash drives, upcoming presentations, our class schedule and more!
Newsletters 2013
3 12 Dec 2013 Focus:  Will and Probate Research and Resources.  Where to locate the 7 generation fan chart.
3 11 Nov 2013 Focus: Researching Newspapers, Periodicals, and more.
3 10 Oct 2013 Included is the information about the Mesa AZ Family History Conference.
3 9 Sep 2013 Native American Research general helps, information about our website resources, books, maps and more available at our library.  FamilySearch Family Tree updates, tech tip,  Mesa FSL Conference flyer, information, conference classes and our regular class schedule.
3 7/8 Jul/Aug 2013 Included are helps for Early American Research, FamilySearch helps, class schedule and more!
3 6 Jun 2013 Included are helps for African American Research, Mesa Website search tips, class schedule and more!
3 5 May 2013 Focus: Hispanic Research. Information and research tips on Mexican Research. Books at our Library. Website Resoources.
3 4 Apr 2013 Focus:  Scotish Research. Information and research tips on Scotland. Books at our Library. Website Resources
3 3 Mar 2013 Focus:  Canada Research. Information and research tips on Canada. Books at the Library. Our Website Resources, list of Webcasts. Tech tip 'Control F'. Adding Sources to FamilySearch Family Tree. Irish Genealogy Seminar information. Class Schedules.
3 2 Feb 2013 Focus:  German Research. Information on Germany, Websites, German Books at the Library, Our Website Resources. List of webcasts. Tech Tip 'Shortcuts using ALT plus a letter key'. Correcting Relationships on FamilySearch Family Tree. Free Seminars: German Research, Finding Immigrant Ancestors' Papers, Timeline of the Settlement of Canada, FamilySearch.org: Help Needed. Class Schedules.
3 1 Jan 2013 Focus:  England Research. How to find your English Ancestors. Resource Books at the Library. Webcast topics list. Tech Tip 'Keyboard Shortcuts'. Using our Website to find your English Ancestors. FamilySearch Family Tree Training List. Community Events. Free Seminars: Finding and Documenting our British and Danish Ancestors. Class Schedules.
Newsletters 2012
2 12 Dec 2012 Focus:  FamilySearch Family Tree MORE. Summary of basic functions in Family Tree. Finding Family History Books on our website. History of the Mesa Family History Center. Tech Tip 'Control F'. East Valley Research Training Classes. Upcoming events. Class Schedules.
2 11 Nov 2012 Focus:  FamilySearch Family Tree access, creating sources, adding information. Webcast list, Tech Tip 'Control and Scroll'. Resource Books at the library, Family Histories. Seminars: "Using Digital Tools for Family History", "United States Military Records", "FamilySearch Family Tree". Class Schedules.
2 10 Oct 2012 Focus:  Mesa Family History Center Expo classes, teachers, times, etc. List of Webcast Topics, Tech Tip 'General PC & Mac Keyboard Shortcuts'. Irish-American Facts. Irish Research websites and info. "The Handybook for Genealogists United States of America". Seminar: Irish Research. Opening of the Irish Cultural Library. Class Schedules.
2 9 Sep 2012 Directors Message:  Back to the Basics overview. More: new Website address, the Ultimate Tech Tip, 1940 Census indexing complete, Some Premium Websites are free at Mesa Family History Center, Back to Basics detail, New Webinar "Ways and Tools for Documentation", October Expo is coming soon, Free Seminars: Vital Records in the United States and Researching Italian Records, Training Class Schedules
2 7/8 Jul/Aug 2012 Directors Message: Our New Name "Mesa Family History Center, Searching DAR Free Seminar, Webinars, FamilySearch Family Tree presentation, Revolutionary War Records, MFSL onsite and Website resources on Rev War, Training Class Schedules.
2 6 Jun 2012 Directors Message: Internet Based Research Tools, Free Seminars: "Online Resources", "Black History Genealogy Workshop", Online Resources in FamilySearch.org, Research Wiki, Google, Mesa Website, Newsletter Articles, TechTip how to search on a webpage, Training Class Schedules.
2 5 May 2012 Directors Message: Memorial Day, Events in May: Find-A-Grave, Sharing Information:  'Names in Stone', About Godfrey Memorial Library, Cemeteries on the MRFHC Website. At The Center: Books on cemeteries starting with call #973 V3z, Find A Grave Experts and commercial CDs with death records. Tech Tip: SNIPPNG TOOL in both Windows Vista and Windows 7. Class Schedules.
2 4 Apr 2012 Directors Message, Events in April: 1940 Census & Daughters of a King, Canadian Web sites, Canada, At The Center: 1940 Census Training, Tech Tip for Mac, Mesa Family History Center Tours, 1940 Census Information, Class Schedules
2 3 Mar 2012 Directors Message, 1940 US Federal Census, what you need to know, and Q&A, New revolving classes start in March, Tech Tips, Class Schedules
2 Feb 2012 Directors Message, Event of the month "Native American, Polynesian and African American" Quick Starts, Seminar "Touching My Roots", "What's in Family Search", Tech Tip "Gray Scale Printing", Mesa Family History Website, Class Schedules
2 1 Jan 2012 Directors Message, 100th Year of Statehood, Walking through Arizona State Archives, Arizona Family History Expo, New Classes in 2012 "Find A Grave", "DNA Family Research", "Organizing Your Family Research", What can you find on Mesa Family History Website, Class Schedules
Newsletters 2011
1 3 Dec 2011 Directors Message, The Mesa  FHC is the "Swiss Army Knife",  Books that Endure, Microfilms, Microfiche, SanPro, A Hidden Treasure at the Family History Center, Expos are coming, Tech Tip, News you can use, What's New in FamilySearch, Mesa FHC Website, Class Schedules
1 2 Nov 2011 Directors Message, Military Records, US Military Quick Start, Tech Tip, News you can use, What's New in Familysearch, Mesa Family History Website, Class Schedules
1 1 Oct 2011 Directors Message, 1940 Census, Familysearch Wiki, Footnote changes name to Fold3, Mortality Schedules, What's New in Familysearch, Tech Tip, Ireland Quick Start, Class Schedules