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2017 ASU Family History Conference



9:55 AM - 10:55 AM
Wiki - Brimming With Insights Into The Past. Come explore the nooks and crannies of this Incredible Research Tool! Learn how to find help to: Organize, educate, solve problems, access links to billions of records, and learn How, What, and Where. Wiki is brimming with insights that enable us to wander around and look into the Past. Guaranteed: You will find Wiki interesting, intriguing, informative, and incredible! Carma Ellingson Wiki Jerome ASU Handout
Using The Internet From Home For US Research This class is intended to present tools and websites that can be used from home 24/7 to do US research. The user can find much of the desired information for free. If desired, there are a couple of subscription sites that may aid in the research. There are over 300,000 websites on the internet that can be helpful, but it only takes a few to get results. Charles Shults Using the Internet From Home
Do I Need A Urim And Thummim? Tips For Deciphering Old German Script The class will go over individual letters both uppercase and lowercase, of the old German Kurrent script and how to distinguish between letters that look similar. The class will also look at examples of German records written in the Kurrent Script and discuss tips on how to best prepare to read the Kurrent script. Barbara Holm Common German Words found in German Records

German Gothic Alphabet

Blank lined sheet for practicing alphabet
Using DNA in Family History Research, Part 1 Take Your DNA For A Spin!  Get more from your DNA results! Find out how to use your DNA matches to extend your family circle, learn about 3rd party DNA websites and tools to help you find connections, and get the latest on what your ethnicity estimates mean (and what they don't mean). Bring your laptop or iPad, or have your results handy on your phone with your testing company's app. Mckell Keeney Downloading-Uploading-Raw-DNA-Results

DNA Detectives Chart

The Shared cM Project

Beneficiary Agreement
Beginning Your Family History... be efficient, save time Begin your genealogy adventure the best possible way! Become organized at the beginning of collecting information.  Interview each of your family members about their Birth, Marriage (if applicable), and their parents.  Tune up your technology skills and personal database programs. Document all information in a research log. Bette Hillner BE SMART
Just Say No To Junk Genealogy This class will emphasize the importance of having a personal genealogy data file with proper Source Documentation and electronic data organization which enhances the ability to share data with other individuals and well as existing online Family Trees. Lynn Melville Just Say No To Junk Geneology
The Why and the How of the Where: An Introduction To Maps and Genealogical Geography While Who did What and When are usually fairly accurate, except the fluid spelling of names; the Where is often not indexed, nor identified accurately. Original records and useful old maps ARE FREQUENTLY AVAILABLE to find the exact place of an event and even the family home. Modern maps, satellite photos, and street views can also put you at your ancestors door or at their church or at other places which were important to their lives. Gary Croft MAPS 1021 P1

MAPS 1021 P2

Rootsmagic Treeshare And Webhints For The widely used genealogy program, RootsMagic, has only recently announced its agreement with allowing the two programs to synchronize family trees. Come to this class and learn about this fabulous new feature of the RootsMagic program. James Tanner RootsMagic Ancestry TreeShare and the FamilySearch Family Tree
Researching your ancestors in Missouri and Kansas Explore Kansas and Missouri resources going beyond FamilySearch and Ancestry. Darlene Brady Missouri and Kansas Handout
Find My Past As A Research Tool “” has over 2 billion historical records from all over the world dating back to the year 1200 AD. Some of the types of records are: census records, military records, Parish records, passenger lists, many newspapers and Periodical Source Index – PERSI, etc. Melba Preece FIND MY PAST HANDOUT
Resources For England & Wales Family History* Learn the kinds of records available to find ancestors in England and Wales: census, civil registration, church and probate.  Also discussed are several websites that offer records online. Denise Crawford England lesson handout
11:05 AM - 12:05 PM
Researching Your Ancestors In Germany This class we give the basic requirements to begin your research, what background information is critical to a successful search and where it can all be sourced.  We will look at the multiplicity of German record sources and how they can be found and utilized for a successful search. Steve Packer German Quick Start Doc
The Faithful: Early U.S. Church Records Major U.S. Denominations have been established since the 1600's. Record types vary and there are few centralized locations for them. Find baptism, christening, marriage, membership, and burial sources. Sharon Monson Handout will be given to the class participant.
RootsMagic 7 – An Amazing Database and Research Tool Bells, Whistles and All the Good Stuff!  Attendees for this class may include new as well as seasoned users of this database.  Content of the class will focus on many of the tools, “bells and whistles” that make this one of the most versatile and amazing programs available.  These built-in features can aid and strengthen organizational efforts as well as improve and widen the possibilities of successful research. Jeanne Koniuszy Handout - RootsMagic
Researching Your Canadian Ancestors Learn a little of the background of Canada to help you look for the records and where to find them.
Library and Archives Canada (LAC) new updated databases. LAC is transforming and relocating its regional offices in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Halifax to better mirror the services available in Ottawa. Use their Ask Us A Genealogy Question form on their website for every province and territory in Canada.
Laverne Aitchison Finding Your Canadian Ancestors

Beginning French Canadian Research

Canadian Provinces & Territories
Become An Historic Newspaper Addict Newspapers from the past are valuable resources that can enrich your family history and add fascinating clues about their lives. Stories about marriages, births, obituaries, family events, social get-togethers, etc. may be found written up in old news articles. By researching newspapers you may be surprised to learn new information about your ancestors, both good and perhaps even not so good. Leone Pearce Becoming an Online Newspaper Addict
How To Research Civil War Records. In this class, we learned about how to research our ancestors of the Civil War. Several websites are introduced to the attendee. Dr Robert Massey Civil War Records handout
March Of The Virginians Part 1 : Colony To Commonwealth From the earliest settlement to the establishment of the Commonwealth after the American Revolution, this presentation delves into the early history of the founding and settlement of Virginia. The presentation further explains the geography and topography that impacted early settlement and follows the slow expansion of the English Colony of Virginia and the pre Revolutionary War exploration, growth and expansion South into the Carolinas and migration west to the earliest settlements of Kentucky and Tennessee, the Ohio River Valley, and more. Tips for genealogy research and Virginia Genealogy resources are highlighted. Robert Wilbanks IV Virginia Migration 1

Virginia Migration 2
Familysearch Memories Gallery Fun Go on a tour of the new Memories Gallery and learn FUN tips and tricks to adding your own memories to FamilySearch. How to use it as a “Dropbox” of secure memories for the living and how using the FIND feature is FUN! Peggy Ash FamilySearch Memories Handout
Using U.S. Probate Records In Your Family History United States Probate Records are the very best records for proving ancestry. Beginners learn what is probate, what types of documents may be included in a probate, and how to use them. See what has changed at Family Search. Probate is much more than a will. Examples are used to illustrate in this class. Land and probate records are essential in United States research. The probate class is independent from the land class. LeRoy Atkins Probate Class Oct 2017 Handout
Can I Do Genealogy On My Ipad?  Yes With the great mobile technology available today, there is no need to burden yourself with the extra weight of all the paraphernalia associated with a laptop anymore when traveling on your genealogy research road trips. The Apple iPad (OK- and probably the Android tablets, too!) makes a marvelous tool for doing your genealogy. The iPad has the ability not only to do research on the Internet, but many different companies have made family tree software available too. The iPad can be used as a scanner, a voice recorder, a movie maker, and many more ways to use your iPad for genealogy. Come see for yourself! Katie Gertz Using Your iPad Handout for Genealogy
Finding Your Ancestors In Michigan We will discuss research strategies, helpful web sites and show many examples.  You'll learn how to find more about your families who lived in Michigan Marsha Allen Finding Your Ancestors in MICHIGAN
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
The Family History Guide: Your Training Guide For FamilySearch and much more Explore the wealth of knowledge and structured learning about all facets of family history work as you learn or teach others about genealogy. Newly revised includes training not only for FamilySearch, but for major partner sites: Ancestry, MyHeritage, and FindMyPast. This official training partner for FamilySearch is constantly expanding and improving so you can too. We will cover the four different learning tracks, advanced helps for research, as well as how to easily navigate this website. Ann Tanner The Family History Guide
March Of The Virginians Part 2 : Westward Expansion Picking up just after the American Revolution, this presentation discusses Virginia as a primary major jumping off point for the great American westward expansion. Discussing migration patterns into, within, and out of Virginia, eventually showing the states of the Old South, the Old Northwest and the pre Civil War Western Frontier that have strong Virginia ties. The presentation continues through the 1900 census showing the many States that report a population with the highest Virginia Roots. Tips for genealogy research and Virginia Genealogy resources are highlighted. Robert Wilbanks IV Virginia Migration 1

Virginia Migration 2
Better Analysis = Better Results Develop research techniques for an in-depth analysis of what you already know.  Check out specific questions regarding names, birth/marriage/death information, or places of residence.  Clues to extend your family lines are just waiting to be found. Sharon Monson Handout will be given to the class participant.
Nordic Research- The Big Picture. Here is an opportunity to learn how to use the excellent records available.for Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish research. Mary Safsten Nordic Research Handout
But Isn't Everything On-line? Family History Research In State Archives Family history researchers have access to unprecedented numbers of on-line digitized records. However, there are hundreds of kinds of records that FamilySearch, Ancestry and others do not digitize. Many of these non-digitized records reside in state archives and are often the records that help break down those proverbial brick walls. This presentation discusses the kinds of records you will find in state archives throughout the United States Dr. Melanie Sturgeon But Isn't Everything On-line-handout
Find A Grave:  Connecting And Reflecting During this class, get the “how to” for navigating, contributing, editing and linking – discover how to take advantage of the research treasures FindAGrave has to offer as you connect and reflect...and check out the “new look”! Jeanne Koniuszy FindAGrave New Look
US Military Records Basic Training From the Revolutionary War; through the Civil War; up to today, almost every family has ancestors who served in conflicts. This is one of the larger record collections of US history and its people. The records are becoming easier to find and use on the internet. Charles Shults US Military Records
Using DNA in Family History Research Part 2 Take Your DNA For A Spin!  Get more from your DNA results! Find out how to use your DNA matches to extend your family circle, learn about 3rd party DNA websites and tools to help you find connections, and get the latest on what your ethnicity estimates mean (and what they don't mean). Bring your laptop or iPad, or have your results handy on your phone with your testing company's app. Mckell Keeney Downloading-Uploading-Raw-DNA-Results

DNA Detectives Chart

The Shared cM Project

Beneficiary Agreement
Using Land Records In Your Family Research United States Land Records—In American genealogy, land and property records have probably helped solve more difficult problems than any other single source. Beginners learn what they may contain, important parts to look for, how to locate them, etc. Examples are used to illustrate in this class. See what has changed at Family Search. Leroy Atkins Land Class Oct 2017 Handout
Making The Most Of MyHeritage With more than 85 million members worldwide and over 8 billion records, is an extraordinarily useful program for genealogical research. Come and learn how to make the most of this valuable resource for your own genealogical research. James Tanner MakingtheMostofMyHeritage
A Castle In Phoenix: How To Trace Your Irish Ancestors Without Going To Ireland. Irish genealogy research has unique challenges due to destroyed and missing records, multiple jurisdictions and family naming patterns. The McClelland Library in Phoenix has many resources available to help you trace your Irish ancestors. Learn why most Irish research starts in the U.S. and how Irish migration patterns can provide clues to your ancestor’s origins. Also, learn what Irish records do still exist and where to find them, including many online sources. An example of tracing a family using available Irish resources will be included. Cindy Patricki Castle in Phx HANDOUT
2:10 PM - 3:10 PM
Audacious Memories: 2017 The “Audacious Memories” class will inspire you to capture those important photos, pictures and audio files while you still can.  The “Audacious Memories” is a brief introduction to ‘how to’ put MEMORIES into FamilySearch, but it is not a detailed class on the Memories feature in FamilySearch. The “Audacious Memories” class will teach you how to edit audio files to remove ‘false starts’, clicks, sound clutter etc. and to add background music if desired before you add your audio file to FamilySearch using a free shareware program available on the Internet. The “Audacious Memories” class will teach you how to use Windows movie maker to create a movies for family reunions, etc. from your home movies, captured youtube videos, your audio files, etc. You will learn how to edit these files in Windows movie maker. Wallace Haws AUDACIOUS MEMORIES
Take Your Ancestors To The Temple—LDS “Nothing connects you with your ancestors like helping them receive sacred, essential temple ordinances.” This class will show that finding a Green Temple icon is just a beginning. Leone Pearce Take your family to the Temple
The HWWWWW of FamilySearch Come learn the How, What, When, Why, Where, and Who of FamilySearch. Leave able to Find and Do for yourself within the FamilySearch website Carma Ellingson Handout for FamilySearch HWWWWW
Success Tips For Scandinavian Research Knowing what Scandinavian records are available is so valuable. By default, one will search historical records when using the search feature; however, browsing can be a blast. Learn how to use personal database software to search for Scandinavian records. Solve your research problems and enhance your research experience.

Norwegian Parish Church Records and Census Records: Step by step process of searching through Norwegian Parish Church Books to find vital records of: Birth and Christening, Confirmation, Marriage, and Death and Burial records. As well as, a step by step process of searching through Norwegian Census Records. Tips on understanding Norwegian words and parish headings, as well as understanding Norwegian farm names and patronymic surnames.
Carol Madsen

Brittani Gilbert
Scandinavian Handout

Norwegian Research Websites

Norwegian-English wordlist
Tips For Researching In New York State Finding information about your New York ancestors can be tricky. The difficulty depends on time, place and group - and it does not help that New York did not begin statewide vital record registration until 1880!  Records such as - church, probate, military, state census, cemetery and historical newspapers can help build your family tree. Denise Crawford Research Strategies For Upstate New York
Descendency Research Do you want a new and fun way to research your family?Are you tired of brick walls? This class will teach how to identify persons without a spouse and couples without children who are descendants of one of your ancestors in FamilySearch. With this knowledge the class will teach how to add new people to this line through record hints and simple research. The class will also review how to merge duplicates, standardize dates and places, and attach sources in FamilySearch. Edith Haws Descendancy Research handout
Indexing Made Easier Learn the New Web Indexing Program and keep indexing. Pat Badger Indexing Handout
Researching Your Scottish Ancestors Strategies for Locating Births, Marriages and Deaths in Scotland. We will look at the kinds of records available to find ancestors in Scotland.  Including Emigration; Censuses; Civil Registrations; Parish Records and a focus on Scotlands people (the government website) . Margaret Burke Scotland Handout
Immigration & Naturalization This class is designed to give the history of the waves of immigrants that came to the United States during specific periods and the ports where they may have arrived. We will highlight the sources of information both on-line and in books. Steve Packer Immigration and Naturalizationtion
Reveal The Hidden Stories Of Your Utah Pioneers What is a Pioneer? How do I determine who my pioneers are? What companies and ships did they travel in? Where can I find their stories? Answers plus, a multitude of information you never knew existed. Peggy Ash What is a Utah Pioneer-DUP
Using The Mesa FamilySearch Library Website This overview of the Mesa FamilySearch Website will provide you with the knowledge to search for your ancestors in America and many Foreign Countries.  There are links for multiple websites both free and for a fee. Come and see what you have been missing. Jeanne Goodman Mesa FamilySearch Library Website handout
3:20 PM - 4:20 PM
CLASS TITLE CLASS DESCRIPTION PRESENTER NAMES HANDOUTS All That And A Bag Of Chips! is a well-known family history website that has some of the best collections of immigration records, census records, and "public trees" with records and details about individuals you may not be able to find from any other source. It partners and interfaces with FamilySearch. This class is a thorough tutorial of the website. It will familiarize you with navigation within the site and help you use this website to the max. There will be tips and tricks included to ensure that you will know how to take advantage of the wealth of data this database contains. Jeanne Koniuszy Handout - Handout

Sharing Information between Ancestry and FamilySearch
Familysearch Merging Records The class description……. “ This class will explain what duplicates are, how they got into Family Tree, how to find them, and how to resolve them!  Deborah Allred Riverton FSL handout
Researching In The State Of Pennsylvania We will discuss research strategies, helpful web sites and show many examples.  You'll learn how to find more about your families who lived in Pennsylvania. Marsha Allen Research In Pennsylvania
Researching Your Native American Ancestors. This class will assist you in locating your Native American ancestors by emphasizing 1) How to start looking for your Ancestry in 4th & 5th Generation. 2) Where they might gone to school in 1800's. 3) Important web-sites. 4) How to use ANCESTRY & FOLD-3. 5) How to use Land Records ( BLM ). 6) Information about the Family Search WIKI and the Five Civilized Tribes & Freeman Emerson Mose The handout for this class is being developed and will be posted shortly.  Please check back in a few days.
Legacy Family Tree An overview of Legacy Family Tree: a look at Legacy basics, including creating and importing family trees, available reports, and source lists. A look at FamilySearch integration. Richard Young Legacy Family Tree - An Introduction
Using The Google Search Goldmine For Genealogy Google is an almost universally known program used by perhaps billions of people around the world.  Many of the free features of the Google search engine are beneficial to genealogical research efforts. Come and learn how these free Google tools can turn into a gold mine of information about your family. James Tanner Handout for Google Goldmine
Weaving Cultural History into Our Family History Writing Sometimes family historians have only names, dates, and places for ancestors. But the more we gather names, dates, and other genealogical facts, the more we yearn for more personal connections to and understanding of those who came before us, found in stories about their lives and accounts of their daily struggles, hopes, and dreams. How can we enrich the stories that we write about our ancestors if we have relatively few details about their lives? Duane Roen will talk about using cultural/social history to flesh out the stories that we write about ancestors. Such history can give us a better understanding of what our ancestors experienced. Duane Roen Enhancing FamilyHistor yWriting-workshop 9-19-17

Bibliography-family history writing 12-11-16
Researching Family History Records In Mexico/ Latin American
?Donde empiezo? 

1) Los Pasos importantes cuando uno empieza de organizar su árbol genealógico.
2)Como usar "" en español

USANDO in Spanish
Windows 10 Tips The current version of Microsoft software on our PCs is called Windows 10. It is very different from any previous version of Windows. Even people who have been using a computer for many years, are baffled by Windows 10. It’s not as scary as some lead you to believe. This class will teach you some tips and tricks for using Windows 10 more effectively for your genealogy and other purposes as well. Katie Gertz Windows 10 tips and tricks genealogy
I Do, I Don't, I Died. Court Records In Family History Research Court records are one of the richest sources for finding families, yet other than wills and probate records few researchers use them. These records cut across class, gender and race and include civil and criminal cases, land disputes, chancery records, guardianships, apprenticeships, court orders and many other records maintained by county, city and even state courts. They reveal family relationships, business practices, social customs and more. This course addresses various kinds of courts, court records and how to use the record book indexes effectively. Dr. Melanie Sturgeon I do! I Don't! I Died! Court records Handout
The Black Everett Family:  From North Carolina To Arkansas To Texas Documentations will include a slave will, a bill of sale, land purchases, and a 1902 family picture.   Arlene Everett Slavery to Landowner